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Clearing Your Browser Cache

Solution Web browsers cache, or save local copies, of website files like style sheets (CSS) and javascript. It does this in order to speed up page rendering for frequently visited sites. If your site has recently been updated and things seem out of place, follow these steps.

1) Force-Refresh
With the page open in your web browser, use the appropriate shortcut for your operating system.

Windows: ctrl + F5
Mac/Apple: Apple + R or command + R
Linux: F5

2) Clear Your Cache Manually
If #1 didn't work, try the steps below, outlined for each browser.

Internet Explorer 7: http://www.refreshyourcache.com/en/ie7/
Internet Explorer 8: http://www.refreshyourcache.com/en/ie8/
Internet Explorer 9: http://kb.wisc.edu/helpdesk/page.php?id=15141
Safari: http://www.refreshyourcache.com/en/safari/
Chrome: http://www.refreshyourcache.com/en/chrome/
Firefox 4+: http://support.mozilla.com/en-US/kb/How%20to%20clear%20the%20cache
Firefox 3: http://www.refreshyourcache.com/en/ff3/
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