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How to Take a Screenshot


The steps to take a screenshot of your web browser differ by what computer operating system you are using.

If using a Mac:

  • Command-Shift-3: Takes a screenshot of the entire screen
  • Command-Shift-4, then select an area: Takes a screenshot of an area
  • Command-Shift-4, then space, then click a window: Takes a screenshot of a window

These files will then be saved to your desktop, with a prefix of "Picture" (pre OS 10.6 Snow Leopard) or "Screenshot" (Snow Leopard or later). You can attach them to an email.

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If using Windows 7 or Vista:
Use the Snipping Tool, found at: Start Menu > All Programs > Accessories.

Choose the kind of screenshot you would like to take (Rectangular, full screen, or window).

If you chose rectangular, click and drag around the area you want to save. If you chose window, click on the appropriate window. If you chose full screen, it will take the shot automatically.

In the screenshot preview window, press the disk icon to save. It can now be attached to an email.

If using Windows XP:
Press the "print screen" key on your keyboard. The screenshot is now saved in your clipboard.

Open Microsoft Paint (Start > All Programs > Accessories > Paint).

Choose Edit > Paste

Click File > Save As, change the "Save As Type" to PNG or JPG. Enter a descriptive filename. Choose the Desktop, and click Save.

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