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How to Report a Website Bug

Solution To report a design bug via email or the help desk, please perform the following steps.

Step 1: Clear Your Cache and then Refresh.
If you can replicate the bug after refresh, proceed to step two. Find out how to clear your cache here:

Step 2: Take a Screenshot
If we can see the issue as you see it, it greatly speeds up our response time. Find out how to take a screenshot here:

Step 3: Submit Your Request
Send an email via our contact page

or use the Help Desk

In your request, be sure to include:

a) Your screenshot as an attachment
b) A written description of the bug, including any steps needed to replicate the issue
c) The full URL of the page experiencing the bug (if multiple pages, please provide several links).
d) Your web browser software, version number and operating system (example: Firefox 5.05 Mac). How to find your browser version number:
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